Clients And Record Labels

These Are Some Of The Clients Of CJ Jacobson. The Audio Engineer At Premier Mastering

Lies In Fiction Salvo Riggi - That Ass Jason James - The Eiurodesk Sessions Sony - BMG
Salvo Riggi - Cleopatra Vell Rob - Tag your it MusicXStream - songwriting - licensing - production Wolfgang Armondo Villiaba - Soy Feliz-Laissez-moi R?ver
Invent Animate Universal Justin Laframboise - Mississ ep MIXE - Module 1
Glad Prosper - I promised you Planet LA Records Franzey - Revenge he HI-Z's - Rock N' Rollgasm
Beasty Business - Smokers Lounge Volume 1 G-phonics - Single To Mingle Heart Streats The Hi Z's
God's Sons - Na Bo Honory Gloria Chardarian Simien - Fhayze Broken Rail Firestorm - Free On Bond
Ben Elder Babcar - Angel and Devil AV - Love Like No Other Babacar feat DJ FABLESS - Be my lover
Medieval Beats Simulacra Records RND - Radioactivity the real camilly - so much more
Smoove - Keep it poppin Love be john Entertainment Hashim the dream - Ghetto therapy Lies In Fiction - Inside
Georgio - Journeys Hatian Jungle Boyz - Hear Me Cry Southside massive - Excellence Southbound - The fight.
Mystic Haze - Home Again Dushi Band Of Aruba - Dushi Salvo Riggi - Crazy Vibes Rob Collins - Fly to the moon
Jazzi Tee - Spiritual Velocity Vol 1 Fury Said Flat Tire Ambulance - To be myself Judge The Fallen - A Saint From Sorrow
Farrell - Se marchito el amor Final Stanza - the promise land EZEMDI - By your side Fhayze - Apologies RN Order
KISS 98.7 FM Kmac Featuring Official - Money King of paper chasing - Movie soundtrack Joan Muwanguzi - Dream
Nation Boy - I wanna be like mic What's Up - Letting Go Le Emu Tavern - ...and i was sore afraid
Noisy Toyz - Immortal life Little Kinky - Break Through OMEGA 6 - THE ANWSER Omar Erastas
Area 5 Records Lab Tek Productions LiL Mone - Watz next Lorica - The Tie That Binds
Hashim the dream - MFs don't read Minority Records Lewis & Lewis - Double L Eyeinsee - Tell Me You Love Me
Dollatarian Records Mishouris Blues Band New Era Flyboys Entertainment Nathan Looney - Transitions
Saaz Recording Studios Roger Ortega - Calling All Girls QVS Records Rock Box Productions
Triplebeam entertainment Showers Family Singers - Hear my prayer Adam Dunsten - Are You Still Listening Oakcrest Family Church - Come Unto Me
Karine Anoma - Dope Skwad Kevin Woods - K1 Woods Jason Gilman - Watering color Invisible Vegas - Same old streets
Tempress Dawes - Tempeuro Mynority - When you Come Remington Media Group Tenaj - Be myself
Derek Skeen - The Native Truth Ddan Studios DM0N3Y - Member When Dey Hated Curtis Kleen - Libra Sign
Salvo Riggi - Midnight Salvo Riggi - Fiesta In Search Of Mercy - To break a heart of stone Gee Rock - Watch Yo step
SDMP Records Marquis Austin Zampella Music ToonzBeatz
Babacar Ft DJ Ian Fever - Crazy The StirCarzies - Kill Captian Jody The Story of the sun - You crazt star The Tiny Lies - Trials
Held High Trenton Law-Musicman Something Organic - You and I Killer Heals - London Loves You
Drugo Leto - Get Away Daniel Blais - La Sortie Cris Chris - The Limelight. Fam first entertainment
Marc Apostolides - Acoustic Solo vol 1 Mary Pugh and The Pugh Singers Gentry Kozia - Gentry The Broken Headboards
Gentoo - Wand Day After - Day After Superman again- Interfearion Salvo Riggi - Hidden
Space junkie - omglolwtf Phlex Skillz Soda cup killer - Gig on saturn Samual Bisaso - I Give You My All
Imperial Movements TRauma Unit LoZoneros - Ho se BeBe Jaay Blayze
Michael Grayson Big Rock Productions B dot - Sho shot allstars My Music Machine - Hollywood Undead
Tone T - Too Big For You Tube Daniiel Trigger - Infinite Persistance Cauldron Soundwerx Camelia Brown - Heartbeat of a Single Mother
Suncoast Records The Anxiety Effect Dawded I - City Props Zeph - The Mythic Circus EP
Lovebejohn Entertainment Mark Cloutier Honch - Your The One Heyward Woodward - Dont try to start
Tonepoets M.C. Subcon - Hey mom Triplebeam Worldwide Hotta Fyah
Ian Standerwick - September Rain Sara Mclamb - Need An Angel Lokixximo feat Dj Mesta - Otro Jumo Scarfione' & Erupt - Civil Truese
obert McKay - ELECTRIC EINSTEIN Herb Walfoort - Memories Elvis The Rapper - Best Of Friends New Era Gwop Gang
Herb Conway - Sound of revival IBRA - Overcalupse Logan Henry - The new frontier Hashim the dream - Porks gonna get ya
Cat Sass God Hears - Demolition Happy Lemmy
Showers Family Singers STARZ VALENTINE - REPPIN Salvo Riggi - Crazy Vibes Vicoria Ekenna - Kikienna
Brothers posse Broken Rail - Never The Same Alice Sweet Alice Danny Hamilton
Scattered Screws Reality Records ichard Allen - Motorcycle For Hire
Ira Baslow - Ballerina Mango Soup - Roll With The Punches Sophie, I love you so - The story of the sun Michael Newton - The Vision Demo 2
Bikey - No Shakin ASIA Entertainment inc Aaronize Alvin Jones Jr - Song of empowerment
iege The Beat Bully - Music to be murdered by Jace Muzik Kyss 102.5 FM Shonn Morris - Fake Smiles
The B-Attitudes - There's A Meaning Underneath The Sound Kevn Donoho  - Lil Rock Jive Fusion Entertainment
Hit it & Quit it - Feat. Arqum Iqba George Lutkitz - Vietnam war poetry Hearts In Notes Har Q - Like This
ATOMIC kITTY - My Kitty Cat William Michael Rafter - Lift Barry O - Pleasure And Pain Alice Sweet Alice - Now I Know
The Clevelend Orchestra Chauncey beard - real talk CTS - SNowball Express Crimson Highway - Off The Grid
Distant Project - Father Sun, Mother Moon Eric Steffensen - Stay Elan Drift - Practising Christmas Dario Margeli - Astish Bezanesh
Blu Black - Royalty The battitudes - ...meaning underneath the sound Zone 007 - Legend you never knew Distortion of events - Eventuality
A4 Music Group Mikayel Currim - Band Julia Pessoa
Albrio - Inside Out Mundae - I Dont care Craig Black - Yeah i remember that night Haley Bopp - Red sky at morning
Fate T-Lamp - I do it to Gold Snap International Krew - Love rap Nick Sladovich - I got scared
Basslift - Funky town Pearl City Live Cables Pelao
No More - LFO ft. Deanna Vaughan Bounds of Silence - Forever You Steve Lampi - As Long As I Sing



"CJ, ounce again, thank you for doing a great job. This was known as the Doomed Album because it looked like it was never going to be completed. But, NOW IT IS! and it packs a huge punch. Thanks a lot, or as we say in Liverpool - 'ta la' (translated as 'thanks lad)"

Stephen Fleming of Le Emu tavern

"Thank You, I listened to the songs and it came out perfect. You did a hell of a job from what I heard. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thanks."

Javi & Deandre

You really did a great job. Its out on itunes now. Many thanks for the excellent mastering job you did CJ - We will be back for our next album"

Robert Landry Producer Of Julia Pessoa

Darryl Anthony - Free One

"Great job! Punchy, full, crisp sound and all songs at same level. I burned a CD and played it back through a small stereo system. Wow! What a difference! It was a fast turn around and I appreciate the updates at each stage of development."

Darryl Anthony

Ross Cooper - Beyond Pleasure Principles

"Thanks a lot CJ, You've done a perfect job here - it's everything I'd hoped for. Insanely fast turnaround time too haha! This is perfect across the board. I knew I could rely on you to bring out the power/dynamics how I wanted. Have a great Christmas & all the best"

Ross Cooper